Grass Pillows and Furniture

It started one evening after spending a tiresome day at work staring at my computer screen. I was working in a Manhattan high-rise surrounded by co-workers typing away in their ergonomic chairs under harsh florescent ceiling lamps.

As one of the few lucky workers with a window view, it occurred to me one day that it had been weeks since I had touched or walked on grass. My days consisted of rolling out of bed, walking down the littered, concrete sidewalks surrounded by drab brick townhomes. There were no cheery oak trees smiling down on me as I walked to the subway nor rolling grassy hills of countryside as I emerged from the 'S' line. My modest 700 square foot walk-up was not privileged to have a view of Central Park. The color green evaded me. Joyce Kilmer's "I Think That I Shall Never See, A Poem Lovely as a Tree" suddenly took on new meaning. A unfamliar deep ache for nature and greenery in particular overwhelmed me.

What is it about the texture and color of lush, green grass that can reflect and revive one's spirit? We all have a sentimental fondness for nature and it's harmony. Our subconscious appetite for nature's beauty are innately implanted in us at birth. The desire I had that night in New York for anything green planted in me the first seeds of our grass decor business. It was years before anything was realized. This past year I set out to create our first grass pillows and furniture pieces that are designed to inspire and comfort any living space.

Our grass pieces are inspired by nature. They sooth the soul with their organic design and understated consciousness. As a consequence, our grass pieces help prevent any inner aggression and depression. We also discovered that our grass pieces, no matter which design scheme we arranged them with, complimented every decorating style. Traditional, modern, Tuscan, contemporary, French Country -- it made no difference. Our grassy accents brought unadulterated natural color and texture to each space we set to enhance.

Made in the USA of UV-resistant synthetic turf, our pieces are built to last a lifetime. Our custom order department can handle any request and we pride ourselves on the durability and versatality of each of our home accents. Each piece is timeless and inspired by the beauty of nature and capable of tying everything in a room together. Splurge on one of our beautiful collection pieces today.

- MPR Roberts